Voce's Tools for WordPress Scaling

See how Voce's Platforms team makes WordPress fly for large, high-traffic, high-profile sites. From server configuration to must-have WordPress plugins to front end optimizations, you'll learn how to make WordPress scale, reduce server resources, and load quickly.

Server Setup

Server Setup

Your WordPress application can only run as fast as your server allows it to perform. Optimizing server performance ensures the reliability, security, and performance that your visitors demand. These optimizations can bring state-of-the-art performance to even entry-level server environments and set you on a course for success in managing them as your user base grows. Get ready to buzz the tower.

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WordPress / Back-End Improvements

WordPress / Back-End

Optimizing your back-end and WordPress install will not only ensure that your site runs as fast as possible, it will ensure that your servers are used as efficiently as possible. You pay a lot to host your server and the less strain you put on it, the better it is for everyone. These optimizations can reduce server load, reduce cost for you, and help reduce bottlenecks and overloads. With this list of easy optimization techniques and plugins, you can have a high-performance WordPress application in no time.

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Front-End Improvements

Front-End Improvements

There are many things that can be done to speed up browser load times from the moment the HTML arrives until the page is rendered in the user's browser: lazy loading images, minifying and concatenating javascript and css, using image sprites, and spreading your static files over a content delivery network. By taking the time to properly optimize your site you can greatly minimize HTTP requests, shrink asset file sizes, and reduce latency. None of these are incredibly difficult to set up, and can speed up your site resulting in an improved user experience, more return visits and, ultimately, a greater ROI.

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